5 Festive Tips for a Healthy Holiday Waistline

Weight Management Team

As we all know, the holidays provide several more reasons (as if Americans needed any more) to sit at the table or on the couch, and eat.  Thanksgiving is our one national holiday that’s absolutely devoted to overeating.  And Christmas meals are just like Thanksgiving, with some added presents and a tree. Then there’s New Years with far too many calorie-packed beverages.  Every year around November come all the helpful tips on how to have a successful healthy Holiday season.  Even so, many times it still turns out to be yet another very unhealthy, overindulgent season.  Here are some down-to-earth steps you can take to prevent your December and January from being filled with guilt and regret. Structure Unfortunately this … Continue reading

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…But She Gained All Her Weight Back!

Grant Hewitt

On, Tuesday October 8, Alegent Creighton Weight Management sponsored a ‘Weight of the Nation’ event for the community where we showed a portion of HBO’s extremely well-done documentary, The Weight of the Nation, which explores the obesity crisis in the US .  Immediately following the screening was an engaging Q&A with four panelists, each chosen for their ability to speak to various aspects of the obesity crisis: 1. Mary Baluff, Division Chief, Community Health and Nutrition Service at Douglas County Health Department 2. Becky Vinton Dorn, Executive Director, WELCOM (Wellness Council of the Midlands) 3. Michael Hovey, M.D., Bariatric Surgeon 4. Jim Phillips, Alegent Creighton Health Weight Management patient (has lost -155 lbs.) During the Q&A there were some probing … Continue reading

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They Made Me a Better Educator

Shana Skillstad

As a health educator for the Weight Management program, I help patients modify their behavior to be healthier. I was blessed to have my own eyes opened to new understandings of my work thanks to four Muslim patients from Saudi Arabia. When they started the weight loss program, I knew I had to build their trust and a relationship with them if they were to succeed. It can be difficult for patients to modify their diets and exercise habits. Breaking barriers and showing patients I care is my first job.  When they know I care, then they care about what I know. Our team discussed how to meet their needs and identified these barriers: language (only one of them spoke … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned

Grant Hewitt

“That is depressing!” said a newer patient in one of our weight management classes the other night.  She was responding to something  that had just been said by another classmate, “This [healthy eating/living] is for the rest of my life, and there is no finish line!”  This past week, each patient was asked to share their biggest “take-away” from their experience in the program thus far.  I knew it would prove to be a healthy exercise for a couple of reasons because this particular class has a 20 years combined experience participating in the program and because I’ve seen a tremendous amount of change in each person there.    The patients’ takeaways included: “I don’t have to eat that!” “You don’t … Continue reading

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Finding the Balance

Shana Skillstad

Are you or someone you know currently on a “diet?” Obesity is the cause of 300,000 deaths each year, the cause being multi-factorial: genetic, behavioral and environmental. Long-term maintenance or weight loss is often not achieved. Why? Because behaviors and environment can be very difficult to change – and these are the very things over which we DO have control! Some of the most common struggles I hear are: “I was taught from a young age to clear everything off my plate whenever I eat, so I don’t know what a portion even feels or looks like,” “I eat all the healthy foods they say you should eat in order to lose weight, but I am still overweight,” and “I … Continue reading

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