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Springtime Fitness


Who doesn’t love springtime?  What a great way to end the cold, gray days of winter!  As you can probably tell from my previous writing, I’m not a big fan of winter—especially in Nebraska, a state climate scientists visit to observe the effects of the ice age in action.  But now that spring is here all is well again in the world. There’s no better time than the present to get your body back into shape for bikini season.  For those of you who actually contemplate donning a skimpy bathing suit this summer there are plenty of body sculpting resources in the magazines that decorate the grocery store check-out line (along with numerous examples of airbrushing and Photoshop handicrafts). But … Continue reading

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Just Say No to Exercise


For the past couple of years I’ve written blog posts about the age-old New Year’s resolution game.  Two years ago it was how to set and reach reasonable (not overreaching) goals.  Last year I focused on how to help your loved ones get the health screening they need.  After spending countless hours refining my thesis, reworking my talking points, and tuning my arguments, I came to the realization that no one really paid attention to anything I wrote anyway.  My guess is that not a single person made a single change to a single resolution based on my expertly crafted recommendations. My first instinct was to work feverishly to come up with new insight on this subject—delve into the latest … Continue reading

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Journey to a Lean Lifestyle


It was interesting to read my fellow blogger Dr. Eric Van De Graaff’s recent blog post on The Lean Lifestyle. It is very timely as last July, a report from the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation listed Nebraska as the 24th most obese state in the country. I was impressed by Dr. Van de Graaf’s observations and comments because they are very similar to the results from the National Weight Control Registry. In 1994, Rena Wing, Ph.D., and James Hill, Ph.D., recruited individuals who had lost weight and who had maintained their weight loss for five years. Currently with over 10,000 individuals enrolled, it is the largest prospective investigation of weight loss and maintenance. Using … Continue reading

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The Lean Lifestyle


A couple of years ago I had a discussion with a colleague of mine who exercises regularly, keeps herself fit, and watches her weight closely. She is a person who seems to effortlessly stay thin and whose size never varies by more than a few pounds. I was surprised to hear from her a relatively vitriolic tirade about her irritation with people who believe she doesn’t have to work hard to keep herself looking good. “You have no idea how many times I hear people tell me how lucky I am that I’m ‘naturally thin’ or have a ‘high metabolism,’ as if I don’t do anything to keep myself this way, and how I’ll never know what it’s like to struggle with my … Continue reading

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The Miracle Therapy

Inside Alegent

What would you say if your doctor told you that there is one thing you can do every day to help: Regulate your blood sugar Lower blood pressure Reduce your risk for diabetes and heart disease Maintain healthy muscles, bones and joints Slow the deteriorating effects of aging Improve your overall mood AND keep your mind sharp and potentially ward off dementia Also, there really aren’t any harmful side effects and it won’t cost you a thing. You’d want to know more about it and how you can get your hands on it, right? So now what would you say if I told you that every single one of you has access to this miracle therapy, but that more than … Continue reading

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