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Understanding Anxiety


Several patients here at the clinic have recently been diagnosed with various forms of anxiety disorders. I thought maybe it would help to write a little bit about what anxiety is. One of my professors in college said that, “… while depression is great sadness about what has happened, anxiety is great fear about what might happen.” Some anxiety is actually normal. We get anxious, for example, when we start a new job, buy a car, or give a speech in class.  This is to be expected and is actually the body’s way of sensing a stressful situation and helps us to respond accordingly. Some of us, however, have a more difficult time calming down or may, in fact, over-respond … Continue reading

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Depression Among the Elderly


In my first year of medical school an instructor posed a question to our class: “If you could develop a cure for one disease what would you choose?”  The year was 1989 and the disease that was on everyone’s mind was acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), an illness that at the time seemed to be blossoming faster than the black plague epidemic of the dark ages and for which no treatment was available.  Most of my classmates voted to cure AIDS while others opted for various different types of cancer.  A few suggested diseases affecting third world countries, such as malaria and tuberculosis.  No one volunteered a cure for heart disease (I guess that means job security for me). The lecturer … Continue reading

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The Limitations of Stress Testing


Just last week I saw a patient who suffered a sizable heart attack. He came to the hospital quickly and my partners were able to whisk him into the cath lab and open his blocked artery before much muscle damage occurred. By the time I saw him the next morning he was feeling great and was eager to find out when he could go home. While he was satisfied with his expeditious treatment he was confused and a little upset about one particular detail of his medical care. It seems his primary doctor had ordered a stress test just a month earlier as part of an overall check-up and the man passed with flying colors. So how was it, he … Continue reading

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Stressed out By Stress


Currently I am sitting in my office being stressed about writing my blog.  What to write about?  I tend to procrastinate at times and this would be one of them.  As I write I feel the tension in my shoulders and neck.  This is where I and most people I know and treat “carry” their stress.  So why not discuss stress and all that it does to our bodies and minds. We all suffer from it at some point in time if not regularly. Stress is a compounding factor in our day to day lives and the functioning of ourselves as living beings.  There is “good stress” and “bad stress”.  I never understood the concept of calling stress good.  I … Continue reading

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Amusement Parks


Keep Your Hands and Legs Inside the Ride At All Times Last winter my family and I had the opportunity to vacation to Orlando, Florida, where we spent several days enjoying the magic of the happiest place on earth and getting a glimpse of our planet’s future after centuries of unchecked population growth.  During that time I had the opportunity to spend many hours standing in long, serpentine lines waiting to enjoy something that lasts no more than a minute or so: the public restrooms. While waiting to ride on one of my favorite attractions I put some thought to the warning sign posted near the loading platform.  The ride is called Expedition Everest and is meant to simulate the … Continue reading

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