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Take back the medicine cabinet

Inside Alegent

You don’t keep cheese past the expiration date – so why should expired or unwanted medications be any different? The answer: they shouldn’t! Experts warn that more than seven million Americans currently abuse prescription drugs – many of which are obtained from family and friends, sometimes stolen right out of the home medicine cabinet. That’s why the DEA is teaming with local law enforcement and health officials to sponsor National Drug Take Back Day this Saturday, October 29. Last year, the DEA collected a whopping 309 tons of prescription drugs in its first two take back events – proving the need for such events. But why can’t you just keep old prescriptions, so long as they aren’t expired? You never know … Continue reading

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Generic Medications: Safe and Cost Effective


As a physician my duty is to help the patients with their problems and work to not only give them a diagnosis, but to also determine an appropriate treatment.  For me that treatment must have 2 criteria.  First it must be effective and show clinical evidence of this effectiveness.  That is why the drug companies spend billions of dollars on studies and trials.  They want to show me that their new drug is better than their or someone else’s old drug.  This is good practice but this all adds to the cost of the drug to manufacture.  That brings me to my second criteria, cost.  It does no good to prescribe the latest and greatest medication to a patient if … Continue reading

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Second Opinions


When you go to a clinic and have an appointment to see a physician what you are really paying for is their medical opinion.  That opinion may include a medication, diagnostic testing, or even a referral to a specialist.   Or is may entail none of these.  That is what the practice of medicine entails, doctors interviewing, examining and formulating their best medical assessment, their opinion.  Physicians in related specialties generally have the same training and education.  Those of us that are Board Certified in our respective fields have passed the same examination.  But we may have differing opinions about the best course of treatment for a certain medical issue. My father was having some issues and he wasn’t comfortable with … Continue reading

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Life-Saving Measures


A few weeks ago my young daughter and I were shopping when we ran into a patient of mine.  After chatting with me for a bit, the elderly gentleman turned to my daughter and said “you should be really proud of your dad—he saved my life.”  My daughter nodded politely but seemed unimpressed.  Later she told me that she already knows that I save lots of lives; in fact, she told me, she’s perfectly aware that I save lives every day I go to work and every night I get called into the hospital. I hated to disabuse a child of the lofty opinion she holds of her father, but I felt I had to come clean with her.  I … Continue reading

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Pick Your Poison


I have a confession to make.  For years now I’ve been guilty of poisoning my patients.  Not the “Arsenic and Old Lace” type of poisoning, or the Dr. Kevorkian variety that shepherds patients into the next life, but poisoning none the less. No, the kind of poison I provide is both legal and even encouraged in this age of modern medicine.  You could go so far as to say that I would be unable to ply my trade without the particular type of toxins I promote. Now, before you register me with “www.mycardiologistisacriminal.com” or report me to the state authorities you need to understand the basic gist of my message: most of the medications we prescribe are actually designed to … Continue reading

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