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Physician Communication


I remember my very first pager vividly, just not fondly. I was a medical student on a surgery rotation at the VA Medical Center and was issued a heavy, bulky device that looked like a cross between a transistor radio and a toaster. It was equipped with a clip that theoretically allowed it to be attached to the waistband of surgical scrubs, an option made impractical by the heft of the device and which led to the risk of inadvertent mooning of bystanders during morning rounds. It was a voice pager, meaning there was no digital read-out, only a squawking speaker that transmitted whatever message was called into the system. Anyone interested in reaching me would simply dial the number … Continue reading

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Health Care: A team approach

Inside Alegent

From friendly faces to clean and inviting spaces, our team at Alegent knows that creating a positive experience for our patients requires a whole lot more than just a good outcome. One smile from a passing nurse, one door held by a volunteer, one warm meal placed in the room – it all adds up. And at Lakeside Hospital, every team member is making it their responsibility to improve every patient’s stay. What do YOU look for in a visit to the hospital – or any business, for that matter – to help create a positive experience?

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Medical Jargon


  Wiki defines jargon as a term that descrcibes the language used by people who work or live in a particular area (such as doctors or Nebraskans respectively). Jargon words are also used by people with a common interest (such as cribbage). There are benefits to the use of jargon: a standard term may be given a more precise or unique usage among practitioners of a field. This allows for better communication among the members of group. The major problem with using jargon is that in many cases this causes a barrier to communication with those not familiar with the language of the field (such as patients). Let’s use the term “snow” to develop this concept further. There is a … Continue reading

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Second Opinions


To celebrate your 50th birthday you head to your doctor’s office to get your yearly exam. He rewards you for your diligence by poking and prodding you, sticking you with needles, and arranging for a colonoscopy (happy birthday!). He also sends you for a stress test out of concern about your strong family history of premature heart disease. A slightly abnormal treadmill test leads to a slightly abnormal nuclear imaging stress test, and before you know it you’re in with a cardiologist discussing the need for a cardiac catheterization. Your health is otherwise very good and you have absolutely no symptoms that would suggest any significant coronary artery narrowing—in fact, you’ve been vigorously exercising faithfully for several years and feel … Continue reading

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Health care – the team approach

Inside Alegent

Don’t think you need a primary care physician? Think again. Dr. Daniel Pearson, a family physician with Alegent Health Clinic at Lakeside helps you understand why … in just 60 seconds.

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