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Managing Stress During the Holidays


It’s no secret that the holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving Day was just last week and Christmas Day is less than one month away. Many of us get stressed out this time of year, so I thought it might be a good idea to refresh our memories of ways to make sure you take care of yourself during this busy time of year.  For those of you who read this blog last year, you’ll notice the ideas are basically the same:   1. Make sure you get enough sleep (7-9 hours for most of us). 2. Avoid drinking too much alcohol. 3. Opt for healthier food choices or smaller portions of food. 4. Keep that exercise routine going. 5. Schedule … Continue reading

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Understanding Anxiety


Several patients here at the clinic have recently been diagnosed with various forms of anxiety disorders. I thought maybe it would help to write a little bit about what anxiety is. One of my professors in college said that, “… while depression is great sadness about what has happened, anxiety is great fear about what might happen.” Some anxiety is actually normal. We get anxious, for example, when we start a new job, buy a car, or give a speech in class.  This is to be expected and is actually the body’s way of sensing a stressful situation and helps us to respond accordingly. Some of us, however, have a more difficult time calming down or may, in fact, over-respond … Continue reading

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Holiday Stress


Is anyone else wondering where 2011has gone? I am writing this blog in late November of 2011 and actually struggling with the idea that summer is over and the Holidays are here. Truthfully, I love autumn with its crisp air, gorgeous leaves, and being able to wear sweaters. As lovely as this time of year can be, though, I’m hearing many of my patients express increasing concerns that the holidays are fast approaching … too fast for most! Many are concerned regarding not enough money, not enough energy, and not enough time to get everything accomplished. I’m sure some of you have these same concerns. I’d be curious to know how you are planning on budgeting your money, energy, and … Continue reading

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Big 10 Tips for a Healthy Husker Season

Inside Alegent

This weekend the Huskers kick off their first season in the Big 10. Gone are the days of the Big 12 – and with that gone, too, are any links to the storied history of the Big 8 (although we do still have the memories). But I, for one, think we’ll be stronger for it. Uh … so you’re an optimistic Husker fan – what does that have to do with healthcare? Glad you asked. I’ve decided that in celebration of the new era in Husker football, I’m going to challenge myself and all of you to enter a new era for fans: the healthy era. Rather than sit back and accept the fact that football season is fraught with … Continue reading

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The Limitations of Stress Testing


Just last week I saw a patient who suffered a sizable heart attack. He came to the hospital quickly and my partners were able to whisk him into the cath lab and open his blocked artery before much muscle damage occurred. By the time I saw him the next morning he was feeling great and was eager to find out when he could go home. While he was satisfied with his expeditious treatment he was confused and a little upset about one particular detail of his medical care. It seems his primary doctor had ordered a stress test just a month earlier as part of an overall check-up and the man passed with flying colors. So how was it, he … Continue reading

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