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Stroke victim finds motivation at Immanuel Rehabilitation Center

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  May is National Stroke Awareness Month When Kari Cleveland spotted the ladder blocking two lanes of southbound I-680, she, slammed on the brakes and successfully swerved off to the shoulder. “I can’t believe I missed that!” she marveled to her passenger. At that moment another driver–who was reportedly doing 78 miles per hour–smashed into the back of Cleveland’s SUV, sending it flying. “My SUV rolled six times after it went airborne,” Cleveland said. “I never lost consciousness. I had my seatbelt on but the seat broke and I was thrown backwards and tossed out the back.” She remembered her head and arm dangling out the shattered window and being covered in glass. Firefighters used the Jaws of Life to … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Survived Two Strokes

Patient Stories

It was a reality check for Elizabeth Pokorny. She spent the better part of her life taking care of everyone else. Elizabeth is a mom first, and a nurse a close second. So when she suffered a mild stroke, she had to learn to rely on others. “I started to call it my stroke of luck”, Elizabeth said. Elizabeth was only in the hospital for a day or two. The stroke affected her vision but not for long – and then it happened again. “I started to have some problems with my left side, I didn’t feel quite right”, Elizabeth said. Elizabeth suffered another stroke. This one was not as kind. “I couldn’t lift my hand or turn myself over … Continue reading

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A near-fatal stroke

Patient Stories

When a guy hits a certain point in his life, he starts dreaming about the car he always wanted. For Eric Knoth, it was a ’67 Camero – a real beauty with low miles. Eric came to Omaha from Clarinda, Iowa, a two-hour drive to meet with with an auto body shop guy about getting his car up to speed. Then something went wrong. “While I was talking to him, I could tell I was losing focus,” he said. Minutes later, they were calling 9-1-1. Eric had collapsed. “I remember being in the ambulance and I kept telling them I have to make it for my wife and daughters,” he recalled. Medics rushed Eric to Alegent Health Immanuel Medical Center … Continue reading

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The scoop on salt (recipe included)


In less than a week February 2012 will be recorded in the history books.  For me, it is the end to a busy month.  Since I work for Alegent Health Heart and Vascular Institute, it is a month of many requests for presentations focused on nutrition and heart disease or nutrition and preventing heart disease.  This year sodium was the popular topic request. Early in February, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a new report on sodium consumption in the United States.  The report estimated the salt intake from more than 7,000 participants in the National Health and Nutrition Survey (2007-2008).  According to this report, the mean daily intake of sodium in theUnited States is 3,266 milligrams. … Continue reading

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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Patient Stories

Just days after suffering a stroke, 61 year old Fred Jalass was changing routes and coordinating the 2011 Bike Ride Across Nebraska (BRAN) from his hospital bed at Immanuel Rehabilitation Center. As co-chairman of the annual bike ride, Jalass (Easy Rider) could not let a stroke stop the work that must be done to accommodate the hundreds of riders planning their trek across the great plains of Nebraska.  It was this determination and optimism that carried him through this trying time in his life. Needing to relearn simple things such as taking a shower and going up and down a flight of steps can be very humbling.  It’s an experience that, “takes your breath away,” Jalass remembers when his physical … Continue reading

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