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…But She Gained All Her Weight Back!

Weight Management

On, Tuesday October 8, Alegent Creighton Weight Management sponsored a ‘Weight of the Nation’ event for the community where we showed a portion of HBO’s extremely well-done documentary, The Weight of the Nation, which explores the obesity crisis in the US .  Immediately following the screening was an engaging Q&A with four panelists, each chosen for their ability to speak to various aspects of the obesity crisis: 1. Mary Baluff, Division Chief, Community Health and Nutrition Service at Douglas County Health Department 2. Becky Vinton Dorn, Executive Director, WELCOM (Wellness Council of the Midlands) 3. Michael Hovey, M.D., Bariatric Surgeon 4. Jim Phillips, Alegent Creighton Health Weight Management patient (has lost -155 lbs.) During the Q&A there were some probing … Continue reading

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They Made Me a Better Educator

Weight Management

As a health educator for the Weight Management program, I help patients modify their behavior to be healthier. I was blessed to have my own eyes opened to new understandings of my work thanks to four Muslim patients from Saudi Arabia. When they started the weight loss program, I knew I had to build their trust and a relationship with them if they were to succeed. It can be difficult for patients to modify their diets and exercise habits. Breaking barriers and showing patients I care is my first job.  When they know I care, then they care about what I know. Our team discussed how to meet their needs and identified these barriers: language (only one of them spoke … Continue reading

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From Heart Attack to 150-pound Weight Loss

Patient Stories

At Alegent Creighton Health, the difference in our cancer care is the way we deliver it. There is something very personal about the way you’ll be treated here. One difference is our financial assistance. We offer more charity care than any other provider. He survived Hurricane Katrina. Now Charles Gonzales is determined to survive colon cancer. “I’ve never been sick in 41 years,” said the 63-year-old, who was diagnosed in March. “Doctors discovered it when I had blood pouring out in my stools. I lost so much blood I passed out.” Tests showed he had colon cancer that had spread to his liver and lungs. “I was ‘what? What do you mean? How did I get it?’ I never met … Continue reading

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Finding the Balance

Weight Management

Are you or someone you know currently on a “diet?” Obesity is the cause of 300,000 deaths each year, the cause being multi-factorial: genetic, behavioral and environmental. Long-term maintenance or weight loss is often not achieved. Why? Because behaviors and environment can be very difficult to change – and these are the very things over which we DO have control! Some of the most common struggles I hear are: “I was taught from a young age to clear everything off my plate whenever I eat, so I don’t know what a portion even feels or looks like,” “I eat all the healthy foods they say you should eat in order to lose weight, but I am still overweight,” and “I … Continue reading

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Finding Your Path to Good Health

Weight Management

Sometimes you find your own path to good health by following someone else’s example.  In this case, following the inspiring example below might be just such an example.  This was recently posted on the HMR Diet website: During college, I wasn’t healthy. My eating habits were deplorable, I didn’t exercise, and drinking water was foreign to me. I actually thought people just drank water to be trendy. I would routinely stay up late studying and it wouldn’t be uncommon to eat an entire bag of Twix® mini candy bar s to keep me going. (I’ve always had a terrible sweet tooth, and still do!) I gained the “Freshman 15” (plus 10), and really didn’t feel great about myself. The problem … Continue reading

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